Iron Butterfly Series

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Now For Some Fun FAQ’s

Denai- (Pronunciation-Deny) A race of ethereal beings that were banished from their home to Calandry. After years, of trying to earn their way back home, they became the victims of genocide. Their race is on the verge of extinction.

Septori- A cult, that kidnaps humans and Denai to use as test subjects for their inhumane experiments. Using the Horden journals as their guide they try recreate Lord Horden’s experiments. The Septori are lead by the Raven, a mysterious man who wears a silver hook nosed mask. Each of the followers have a unique brand upon their bodies. Their headquarters and underground labs are hidden and constantly on the move and one step ahead of the Queen’s soldiers.

Valdrystal- Thalia’s clan. Banished from Sinnendor, the clan lead by Bearen, resides in the Shadow Mountains. They are the descendents from King Branccynal II.

Skyfell- A mysterious floating island. Joss Jesai’s home.

SwordBrother– The clan elite warriors and assasins that are nothing more than legends. Unless you stumble upon their hidden home, then you are already dead.