Love is Grimm Swagalicious

I know everyone is impatiently waiting for the release of Fable. It’s off to my editor right now and sometime next week I will post a release date. Pre-orders may even be available for iTunes. I will have to wait and find out. Until then let’s celebrate with some really cool items.

In honor of my Unfortunate Fairy Tales and a Fan who gave me the idea for the theme. I would like to introduce you to the LOVE IS GRIMM Swag! Shirts, bags, necklaces and other good stuff is available to purchase through the UnEnchanted Swag Zazzle Store. Now this store is an online store, not one I own or do really anything with, other than upload the designs. I’ve tried to keep the prices as low as I can make them, but since I’m not ordering bulk, that’s as low as they go. But you can keep a look out for Coupon Codes at Zazzle that will allow you to get 20% off of your purchases.
But enough of that you want to see the items..Yes?

White Love is Grimm Womens Shirt $21.95

Love is Grimm Necklace $24.95

Love is Grimm Button $2.10

Love is Grimm Black shirt with #UnEnchanted hashtag on the back $32.95
Super cute Love is Grimm Tote with a Quote by me. $10.95

There is way more items and more coming soon on the Zazzle Site. But don’t take my word for it. Go look! And Have fun shopping!


  1. I want to order the all 5 books of the unfortunate fairy tale series which are autographed by you. It lets me add to the cart but there is not a “cart” for me to actually make a purchase. Help!

  2. There NEEDS to be a movie or TV show on this series, every last one of these books are AMAZING, this is my favorite book series EVER!!!! <3

  3. Just finished this book! Oh my goodness, I LOVE IT, and then I hated it, and then I LOVED it again. It was AWESOME!!! I love you, Chanda Hahn! Please write another one w/ Ever and Nix! And if you slip Mina and Teague in there that would be great ; )

  4. As much as I love the Unenchanted books, my favorite books are the Iron Butterfly series. Is there a chance there will be another book in that series?

  5. I finished reading Forever and I loved it It is definitely one of those books that I reread constantly and I just got it yesterday. Couldn’t put it down!

  6. I pre-ordered it using I books and I got I yesterday. I finished reading it and I LOVE IT!!!!!! It’s so great and it’s an awesome ending to the book, but I’m sad that it’s the end of all the books, you should really write another short story on ever but then again you would just have to make that another book. I’m rambling. Sorry it’s just I’m done reading it and my friend still hasn’t read it so I have no one to fan girl over the book with without completely spoiling it. You are an awesome writer and I love all of your books. Especially this one. It’s one of the best books I’ve read, trust me, I’m that person that when I’ve read a book and loved it I’ll go to the extent of reading it 12 or more times( obviously not one time after the other ) but this is one of them. I have no idea if I commented the right way. The majority of this I don’t even think makes sense, but if it doesn’t, blame autocorrect.

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