Yes, there will be an UnEnchanted Book #4

Yes, there will be a sequel to Fable. The Unfortunate Fairy Tale series isn’t done. I am plotting out book four and currently working on the sequel to the Steele Wolf, which will be the last in the Iron Butterfly series.

I’m hoping to have Silver Siren (IB#3) out around christmas or shortly afterward and the 4th UnEnchanted sometime this Spring. (if all goes well)

Cheers and happy reading.


  1. I think that Mina and Jared are meant for each other just look at hileilly’s post I think all Mina needs to do is find the Fae who originally split the book first to split it again forever to fully separate them then kill Teague.

  2. Its already summer! I cant wait much longer, Ive been on the edge of my seat with these books since the first one. She has to find a way to get her Jared back! I mean stabbed while he confessed his love?—and then joined with his evil brother? And then ‘the end’ you have to kill him. Un-freaking-believealbe! She cant kill him. They are so perfect for each other!

    ‘ “Can you come get me…NOW?”
    “Are you in danger?”
    She thought for a moment.
    “Yes, no. Just come get me…please.”
    “On my way,” he answered. ‘

    Are you KIDDING me! He is always there for her. I mean he’s on a date and he just drops everything because shes uncomfortable, he jumps up to protect her.

    ‘a familiar black motorcycle pull up behind the delivery van and spotted Jared’s shock of dark hair. The bike disappeared around the side of the van, and Mina mentally cheered for her hero. Jared would save them.’

    Mina knows she can count on Jared. And even while she is so enraptured by her highschool jock, she still has feelings for the fae prince. She still cares enough to realize when he is in pain—even at the worry of Brody,

    ‘ “who was she to you?” He wouldn’t look at her.
    “Probably the only one who ever really cared about me.” He pressed his lips together firmly and she could see that he was steeling himself, getting ready to hide behind his stony mask.
    “That’s not true.” Mina pressed her forehead to Jared’s, trying to comfort him. “I care.”
    He opened his eyes wide at her admission, and she was sucked into his beautiful grey eyes. ‘

    She always comments on Jared’s eyes, and Teague having Jared’s body but blue, cold eyes is messing with mental image. Jared loves her. He. Loves. Her. He. LOVES! Her.

    Please, Please, Please Mrs Hahn. Write quickly 🙂

    P.S. I loved the scene on Fable, where she confronts Jared about the fire and their tickle fight!

  3. Update!!! When’s the 4th book coming out … I’m dying to see what happens next …. FYI because of you I read a lot now and it’s become my hobby slash addiction … Thank you xoxo Suzy

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