300p hurdles

100m Hurdles
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What is the 300P? No it’s not a 300K race but sometimes it may feel that way. I have hit my 300 page hurdle.

I really do think that writing a book is very similar to running a race. You have to have a good start. If you don’t have a good start right off the block than you will find that you are lagging behind. You may find yourself trying to overcompensate later in the book and rush into things too fast and then you lose steam. That you have to pace yourself when you run, you need to pace yourself when you write. Attack each hurdle you come to and than catch your breath, align your feet and leap for the next one.

To me my hurdles are my page milestones. I will try and push things to fast in my story just trying to reach a page mark. Because than I can take a break and go. There I did it. I’ve reached 75 pages. I deserve a break. But then many times those pages, I’ve rushed through end up on my editing floor. All that time, and effort wasted.

But I can’t help bragging about my milestones anyway. So what if I later edit them out. So what if you ran a mile in 8 minutes, next time you run it, you may do it in 7.