Back from vacation

We’ve just returned from a much needed vacation. Everyone needs to take a vacation away from work, your home and yes, I am going to say it family. A vacation that entails going to visit family, does not constitute an actual vacation. We did go visit family for a few days but than we left the children with the grandparents and my husband and I went to visit the Dells. Our first real vacation in 8 years. We come home feeling slightly sad but re-energized at the same time.

Going to the Wisconsin Dells in April had good points and bad. Most of the outdoor water attractions were closed and the place was very much a ghost town. But that was fine because we don’t really like waterparks. So we spent a great four days exploring shops, restaurants and local attractions. We enjoyed the jamaican enspired food of Marley’s had food brought out to us on a train at Buffalo Phil’s but what we enjoyed the most was horseback riding at Beaver Creek and Lost Canyon.

I was really surprised that my husband enjoyed horseback riding so much. I asked him on our last day in the Dells what would he like to do and he said. “I want to go horseback riding again.” He is a man after my own heart. But riding two horses named Smokey and Booger. Yes, my horses name was Booger. Really gave me more perspective on the main mode of transportation in the “Old Days”. I was now officially able to empathize with my characters in my books. I’m not a stranger to horseback riding, but it was good to get a refresher course. So I will say that the next vacation we go on. We both will eagerly look forward to horseback riding.

But now that I am back. I am now on to editing my story.
P.S. My husband made me read him the story out loud while we were driving to wisconsin and back. A whole 8 hours.


  1. Yay! UR writing again! hope ur vacation was good but WRITE FASTER!!!!!! i love iron butterfly and i think thalia shld be with kael. i also like fairest and it think mina shld be with jared! GO IRON BUTTERFLY!!!

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