Back from vacation

I’m back home! I spent a wonderful vacation away from the hustle and bustle of work and kids. Spent a few days with the in laws and then left our children with them and went on vacation to the Dells. Going in April there was a lack of waterparks open and most of the outdoor attractions were closed, but that was ok. Because my husband and i don’t like water rides anyways. We enjoyed running around the four floors of Magiquest, and the much harder obstacle course that is WizardQuest. Ate at a Jamaican influenced restaurant called Marley’s, and enjoyed having our food brought out to us on a small train at Buffalo Phil’s.

But what we enjoyed the most was horseback riding at Beaver Creek and Lost Canyon. We enjoyed it so much that we went twice. I was really surprised that my husband was into horseback riding, but i asked him on our last day on vacation what he wanted to do, and he said. “I want to go horseback riding again.”