Bonus Short Story Jared’s Quest for Pre Ordering Reign!

Many fans and readers have asked me if I’m ever going to re release Jared’s Quest. I originally wrote Jared’s Quest as bonus material for a special boxed set sale. Then I added it into a boxed set for charity. My main concern is releasing Jared’s Quest and confusing readers because it is a short story. not a full novel. I do have ideas for two other short story spin offs with Nix and Ever. So I would like to eventually release Jared’s Quest permanently when Ever and Nix’s stories are published. But it won’t be until after the final Unfortunate Fairy Tale book’s release in 2015.

But I still receive emails asking about the short story. So I’ve decided to put Jared’s Quest in the back of REIGN as bonus material to reward all of my loyal fans that pre ordered the book or purchase the EBOOK within the first week of release! So all of you who already pre ordered REIGN and anyone else who purchases it or pre orders it before NOV 10th, will recieve the added bonus material to their ebook. After Nov 10th, the short story will no longer be available in the ebook.

So enjoy!

Reign bonus story quest


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