Book Signings, Reviews & Chocolate!


I will be appearing at the Atkinsons Book & Author Fair May 5th in Oregon City, Oregon from 10am-2pm. You can find me and my fellow Indie Authors at the Pacific Northwest YA Authors Booth. Come meet me! I’d love to meet you! I will have both of my books UnEnchanted and The Iron Butterfly available.


 Alexandra of Lovestruck Literary read my newest YA Fantasy, The Iron Butterfly and wrote a wonderful review! The Iron Butterfly has been my sleeper novel. Coming in really quiet and under the radar of Fantasy but has been doing really well.

Chanda Hahn unravels an elaborate tale of a richly imagined world governed by psychic abilities. Her unlikely heroine, Thalia, who has acquired enviable powers through horrific experiments performed on her, is a likeable heroine, burdened with the knowledge that her salvation from her captors may bring about a war that could potentially wipe out the kind, magically gifted Denai who have sheltered her. 
Hahn proves her mettle as a fantasy writer, layering the historic events and political concerns of the world she has created with a twisting romance that will leave you wondering about Thalia’s past, and which of her suitors keeps the secret that will unlock her future. “The Iron Butterfly” is a gripping, enjoyable, and immersive read that will have you cheering for Thalia and fearing for her life.


Spent a good portion of yesterday writing on UnEnchanted’s Sequel. I found the layout of the book cover I would like designed and fell in love with it. Almost to the point of rewriting huge sections of my story to fit my cover, but then I did pull back a bit. I’m so excited that I’m almost blabbed to the whole world the title to the sequel…….but I’m not quite ready to….yet.

I’m about 80% positive on the title, but then like UnEnchanted cover once you do see the cover you will know which fairy tale quests Mina must embark upon. Or will you? Just remember this is my Unfortunate Fairy Tale Series so be prepared to be surprised.

Luckily my husband spent his day off watching the twins and I got quite a few hours in writing. More so than I had in weeks. I came to the conclusion that coffee and lots of Easter candy can really get the juices flowing and my fingers flying. To bad I can’t afford to scarf down chocolate all day every day I write. That would equal a very sick Chanda. Truthfully I think there must be some sort of addictive drug in those little balls of foil covered chocolate.


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