Book Talk

What’s new on the Chanda Hahn front? What is on her desk planner? Let’s talk a look.

LOST BOY- book 2 in the Neverwood Chronicles to come out in JUNE! I’m aiming to have it done before the Utopia Conference, but it really depends on how fast the editors and beta readers can get it back to me. I’m on the fence on whether or not I will do a PRE- Order on this book. It will be the first time in a long time that I won’t have one. So it feels weird.

Look for a three books in the Neverwood Chronicles and a few hints at another spinoff series that I’ve been hiding within Lost Girl and Lost Boy. If this series continues to sell, you can see 3 more books in a similar world. (only if it sells well though)

Just got the cover back for Lost Boy and I’m very excited and I will be doing a huge sale for Lost Girl and Cover Reveal in the next month. If you would like to jump on the band wagon early, please sign up now and more instructions will come later.



Oh by the way, I’ll be in Nashville, TN from June 22-25th for the Conference. This is my 4th year attending and it will be Utopia’s last conference. <— go here for tickets.

We are preparing for a major event this summer. I’m excited and terrified at the same time. So I’m leaving some panic mad run around like a chicken with my head cut off time.

UNDERLORDS– Book 2 in the Underland Chronicles. This book will becoming out this fall. I’m aiming for November, But no guarantee. This is all based on what get’s accomplished this summer and where we are at in our plan.

Why is Underland a Duology? ( two in a series)
Well, I wrote Underland for me. I started it back in August 2011 and was just writing it to fill time while I shopped UnEnchanted for an agent. I wanted a series where there was everything, a cross over of all mythological beasts and monsters from across the world and time. Insert skepticism here. Well, if you think about it, if there was a world full of creatures and beasts, just like humans, that went into hiding. I bet eventually they to would have migrated and moved across the continents and just like us, have learned to live amongst each other.

So combine the Greek gods because well they had some of the best monsters in their tales, Gorgons, Minatuars and Cyclops and combine them with our favorites, Vamps, shifters, werewolves and zombies and we have a unique city and story, and of course we have to throw in the Greek games, because we need to know who would win in a fight between a Cyclops versus Werewolf?

I admit that I wrote this series for Boys, but I know that I’m better in the female protagonists head space, so insert Kira. He father was a Navy Seal and she had a rough childhood and lives on the streets. She’s not your confused teen. She knows who she is and is willing to fight for it with her fists and attitude in a male dominated Underworld.
This series is only going to be two books, because I would like to go back to my fairytale roots.

What’s up next?

Well, I’m known for my Unfortunate Fairytale Series, and I had planned on doing a spinoff with Ever. But when you think about it, really get into Ever’s head. She’s sweet and snarky and a bit unpleasant. I’m not sure a whole book with her as the main character is the way to go. I wasn’t really loving it. So I’m on the fence on whether to pick up and run with another book series.

I’m a fantasy writer at heart, and I won’t completely walk away from my fairytales, so expect more standalones in a new world in the future.

Well that’s all for now.

From the desk of
Chanda Hahn