Character Talk- Mina and Nan

So today I think I’m going to dive into some Characters from UnEnchanted. MINA & NAN

In Fairest, I decided to test the relationship of our favorite best friends, Nan and Mina.

In High School there’s always a period of time where someone is maturing, and has a complete character change that they later regret. A moment of selfishness, brattiness the “Oh poor me syndrome etc. Somewhat of a mid-high school life crises. Come on, we’ve all had one. Where we let how other people viewed us or treated us changed how we felt about ourselves and how we treated others. For some of us that made us into victims other times bullies. Or peer pressure sets in and you find yourself acting ways you wouldn’t normally act. And don’t forget the fight with a best friend that you weren’t sure if you could ever repair.


I started writing the series with Mina being 15 turning 16. And as I remember what it was like being in high school and at the age of almost being able to drive and the pressure to fit in and be noticed. So Mina is unsure, clumsy, and every bit the misfit. She starts to gain gain confidence and even begins dating Brody, but really how can hotness drop out of nowhere and all of a sudden take notice of a very quiet girl. So of course, she is reluctant to start dating him, for it all seems to good to be true. Well, when you read the ending. It was. Whether that was the story manipulating Brody into like her or not, we won’t ever really know.

I decided to test Mina, give her flaws, see how she would react if her rock and best friend wasn’t by her side and turned on her. At first she spiraled, became sullen, selfish and ungrateful. But then when it mattered most, she still cared enough to fight for her best friend. I think sometimes when characters hit bottom, and they can’t sink any lower and then fight their way to change themselves and overcome, makes them a better person in the end. It is a growing moment. It also makes the characters real. It proves they have flaws and have moments of weakness and selfishness.

I’m not interested in making infallible characters. If you want that, then read a Superman comic. But then again his personality does roll over to the dark side when exposed to a variation of the rock Kryptonite. I want characters that have moments of selfishness.


Nan is 16 a little more worldly, but not by much. She has a car and drives, knows more about what’s popular and trendy, but not when it comes to boys. She is clueless. With her parents never really being home, she fills her time with finding and connecting with people over twitter, and her phone. Her best friend Mina, is someone she knows will never leave her, because they find they what they lack in the other. A lot of Nan’s outgoing nature is a charade; she is a girl who wants hates being alone. She covers her insecurities by being silly, chatty, and goofy. She can usually be found hanging around the Grimes most weekends and taunting Charlie, who she secretly wishes was her own brother. Mina’s small single parent family is more of a family to Nan, than her own.

Nan’s parents try and spoil her and she rebels in subtle ways to try and get them to notice her. A rich girl at heart, Nan does slip up and sometimes let materialistic things get in the way of friendship. Even when it comes to her first boyfriend. But once again, that is a familiar scenario to most people. As soon as your friend gets a boyfriend, you become a third wheel.

Some people think that I made the characters catty, mopey and unlikable but I believe I made them exactly like any Teenager during a certain time in their life. We all know someone that has gone through these issues or maybe we did ourselves. But I plan on having Mina and Nan grow and mature throughout the series. Have obstacles to overcome that will in the future define who they will be later in life. When I look back at where I was when I was 15. I laugh at how immature I was and all of the stupid things I said and I did.

So I look forward to more fights, arguments and growth between Mina and her best friend Nan.


  1. I dont even noe u but i cant help but agree!!!!!!!!!!!
    Frm the beginning i never liked Mina and Brody
    It was supposed to be Jared and Mina
    Nd when Jared wuz gonna kiss her near the embarkment
    In book 2 i swear
    i was beggining her(in my mind)
    To npt pull away!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I can’t wait for the third book to be released. And I really hope you see this comment. But please don’t rush because of fans. Remember the author of “The Hunger Games” (and I mean no disrespect to this author) but they were rushed and many fans felt it in the ending and were unsatisfied.

  3. I love your books they were very refreshing. I am already a big fan of Jared’s and I can’t wait for book 3 to see what happens next.

  4. I feel bad for Mina also, but I think she should end up w/Jared b/c he knows about everything and I think he is starting to love her. Both of them are good choices.

  5. Thank you for these entertaining and smartly written books. It’s has been a great doorway to friendship with my 15 year old niece as your books ere the start of our little book club.

  6. I absolutely love this series….at first I wanst sure but then you get so wrapped up in it you cant put it down.. I cant wait until the third book comes out hopefully its soon! Keep up the amazing writing! Thanks so much

  7. I love UnEnchanted and Fairest!!! I feel bad for mina and i was upset that brody and nan r dating /: I hope either nan and brody break up or Jared and mina go out:) CANT WAIT FOR THE THIRD BOOK!!!:)

  8. I feel bad for Mina she never gets a break. Now Brody & Nan are together. Her crush & best friend, even though its true love it still has to hurt pretty bad. I hope in the third book Jared finally steps up & they defeat the story together & she finally gets a happy ending for once. Maybe even find her true love in Jared who knows.

  9. I am 16 and hate to read. Once I read the first couple of chapters, I was immediately hooked. As soon as I finished the first book, I bought the second and read it thoroughly. I can’t wait until the third book comes out. Thank you for writing such amazing books!

  10. I really loved unenchanted it was so good I read it in one night
    😀 I look forward to reading fairest:-) and your 3rd book in the series 😉

  11. Hi I just finished Fairest. I don’t know how I really feel about it. I just feel so bad for Mina.Sigh Just write the third book fast PLEASE!!!!!!!!

  12. Hey ^^ I love the book “Unenchanted”. I haave a great idea if you can make a movie for Unenchanted, Maybe we will enjoy the movie ^.^ I hope you will put “Unenchanted” as a movie 🙂

  13. Why did u make Nan and brody together I love your books cant wait for the next thanks for giving us something good to read!!!

  14. Hi, I just wanted to say that I ADORE your books and have read all of your books on iBook and LOVED them all. I just read fairest after squealing( yes it kinda sounds stupid but I was that exited)and jumping up and down around in my room when I saw that it was finally on iBook. I can’t wait for the next great story! I love how you make the characters come to life and they NEVER get boring. I myself have tryied to write a book but i kept needed to change the ENTIRE thing all over again because it diddent have any flow and got afully boring quickly. You are truly gifted! I’m still working on the book and still trying hard. I have full confidence that you have yet another exiting book in store for us!

  15. Hi Chanda,
    I love the description of your characters, Mina and Nan. I recently picked up a copy of your book, Unenchanted and hope to get to reading it soon. I recently published my own young adult novel, The Heart’s Discovery (found on Amazon in ebook and paperback as well as my own site at and my characters started at age 14 and 15. I was interested in how your characters will grow and mature. I like to think my male and female leads at the least grow up throughout my saga. Anyway, just thought I’d drop a fellow Christian and YA novelist a line. Nice to meet you. 🙂

    Amy McGuire

  16. When will book 2 be up on ibook? I LOOOVE your first book and I’m literally dying to read your second book! I really hope it comes out soon!!!!

  17. I’m waiting for iBooks to put it on l the list. I can’t wait to read the next:) keep up the spectacular work!

  18. I love these books!!! I can not wait until the third book comes out. I also love to write. But I always have trouble trying to figure out a plot. How do you decide what to write your books about? And can you give me any tips? Thank you, I LOVE your work!!!

  19. I am loving your books!! They are a good fresh read with very strong main characters! I am looking forward to reading more of your writing!

    @Hooked In a Book

  20. Wow I just started reading and you’re books are the first I have loved and read all the way.I felt like i was there when i was reading it.I kept having dreams of it and now im ready for book three and I hope it gets here soon(:

  21. I really liked this duo. Their relationship is one that you could imagine having with your best friend when you were 16. They’re not perfect, of course, because who was at 16, or at any age? You feel for them, for their pain, and troubles. They both have some growing up to do, but that’s to be expected.

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