Coming soon to ebooks!

I think I’ve finally decided to release the first YA book in a series of three to ebooks.

I’m currently in the midst of writing 2 separate series. A young adult fantasy and a young adult contemporary fantasy. The Iron Butterfly(fantasy) is currently being edited and I’m doing a final read through as well, but it should be coming shortly to, Smashwords and

It was a hard decision. Do I submit the first to an agent or release it as an ebook? But last year Amazon’s ebooks outsold their printed materials, and it will probably be a continuing trend. So I’m going to test it with one of the my books.

 Not saying that I won’t be looking for an agent, just not for that series. I am currently in the process of submitting a different YA series to agents and there has been a few nibbles of interest. We will currently see where that lands us. But for my YA Fantasy series, we are going ONLINE!

Need to get cover art for the first book and who knows it may be in the next month!