Countdown Begins. 3..2..1

For those that haven’t heard, we have accepted a position as Children’s Pastors in Portland Oregon. Within a few short weeks we have found a place to live, sold lots of stuff, donated more, and got rid of plenty, all in the preparation for moving to Oregon. I think this may very well be the fastest interview, job acceptance and move in History. All within 30 days.

The movers are arriving tomorrow morning to pack our home and will leave our mattresses on the floor. The following day they are loading our truck and taking off to Portland. We hope to follow shortly after and will arrive within plenty of time before they get there.

We have probably spent a little over a week and a half in our Michigan home and will be packing away our computers for the next few weeks. So expect more silence from my blog. But check back on twitter for updates.

But the most exciting news is that we will not be the only ones making the trip to Oregon. Our good friends, Jake and Mandy Pratt will be coming with us to take part in a grand scheme to take over the world…..oops wait.. I wasn’t supposed to tell anyone we were taking over the world. I mean our grand plan to try every flavor of the Donuts from Voodoo Donuts. Yeah…. that’s what I meant.

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