Cover Reveal: Fable (Unfortunate Fairy Tale Book 3) aka UnEnchanted Book 3

This book is not released yet. I’m aiming for June (Fingers Crossed) But you can all see the pretty cover and get it on your calendars.

Coming August 27th
Pre Order available for Nook, Itunes and Kobo


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  2. I have contact chanda and she said it relase date in on august 27th
    We can pre-order now at kobo iTunes. It should be available shortly
    for pre-order at nook. Yes im afraid it at august 27th šŸ™ but I survived a year im sure I can survived a month =) finally its coming soooo excited cant wait woo hoo x)

  3. What a great story line! Ive read the teo books and cannot wait for the third. Team Jared all the way although brody is a cutie pie… definitely reccmend this book series to anyone who has good taste! šŸ™‚

  4. Oh I know who can be brody Hunter Hayes he’s a famous country singer he have blond hair everytime I look at him I see brody inside him, he’s sooooooo hot he have a dimple on the left side I think no one else could be a better character for brody Hunter Hayes is the one he really suite search him up he’s hot enough like very hot šŸ˜‰

  5. I am glad that Mina didnt end up with Brody. I mean Jared is so much more awesome. Jared was there for Mina in the end ( the only other person who remembers everything) ( other then the fey) while Brody was off with Nana making kissy kissy faces. Mrs. Hahn claimed that Mina will not end up with Brody. Brody is like anyother high school boy. Mina was special no more then Nan is special to Brody now. Think about it, he never loved Mina, it was the stories doing . But Jared is so funny and awesome( and sounds like a hott guy)( btw ) If any of you guys know who alexander ludwig is ( cato in the movie the hunger games) would play Brody perfect!!!!!!!!!! And for Jared… i dont have a clue who would play him well if there was a movie.

  6. @missalis I know how u feel I cried also when brody forgotton mina and my heart was full of furry when brody kissed nan. I want brody and mina they both suited I cant believe true love was lost in a storm I even heard the angels cry :'( im team brody
    When is fable coming out look at the date its already the 20th of july!
    July nearly over hurry time ticking (tick tock tick tock)
    (0_0 – me starting at the clock for seconds changed to minute to hours to days to mouths to years) I feel like I been waiting a 100 years

  7. Same here i check every day but no fable . I cant wait gopefully it comes out before i go to england !!!!!!! I want to read it so badly!!

  8. Its July and I read the past two books in 2 days please hurry! I cant stand being I sixpence this long… btw can you please have her finally get brody? When he didn’t remember her I cried and felt all of Mina’s pain. Then the second book he kissed Nan and I felt like I was being cheeted on. So please…I’m begging you….just let her be with bridge do I can die in peace

  9. “Dr.!”
    “Yes Nurse?”
    “Nothing can save her now, she’s dying”
    “She’s trying to say something with her last breath!”
    “Get me that book nurse and STAT a girls life is on the
    line here!”

  10. Oh!!! I can not wait!!! I’m super excited! I can honestly say that until I started reading this series I never liked reading. But after picking up Unenchanted I couldn’t put it down.. I absolutely love these so far!!I’ve even went back and re-read both books! I’m super stoked!!!

  11. its July.. Any day now? I’ve been waiting for a year, and i can no longer wait! I check IBooks just about everyday to see if Fable or the Silver Siren have been released.

  12. whens fable come out?! im so anxious to read it i love your books i read the first book on ibooks in a day in the second book the next day and the day after, ive been dieing for a year waiting for another, whens it coming out?!:)

  13. Wait WHAT!!! :O brody and nan together!!! Ouch that gotta hurt mina
    And WHAT!!! Jared and mina together wow im missing a lot I need to read the book now!!!! Aw mina and jared look cute together but to my opion I think mina and brody suit more im team brody!!!! I cried when brody forgotten mina :'( I want brody and mina back šŸ™

  14. Omg I read in the book that jared is good looking but I didnt know he was that good looking!!! He looks so gorgeous… lol
    I cant wait for fable to come back I havent even read fairest lol I buy it soon and when Im finish fable better be already out I cant wait any longer its already july Im going to die of patient

  15. I have read all four books just finished the Steele wolf five minutes ago…. can’t wait til the next two books come out. A fan and I’m old too. LOVE THESE BOOKS.

  16. Pleeeeeeeease tell me this book will still be out this month! I really didnt expect to love these books as much as I do; I first stumbled upon “Unenchanted” while browsing through the free books on my nook tablet (ran out of money from the gift cards that I redeemed) and I decided to give it a go. I thouroughly enjoyed it and enjoyed the sequel even MORE than its predecessor (if that is even possible), most likely due to the new curveballs that you’ve thrown into the storyline! I admire this, I must say, VERY original concept of this series!

  17. I can not wait much longer! This book is in believable! I can’t believe I didn’t know about it sooner I mean really come on! Maybe I’m out of the loop.:p I have to said that although I like Brody a lot as a character I really like Jared!:) although I find it a bit weird that Brody’s with Nan… Even though I saw it coming. But maybe it’s for the best because I’m all for Jared and Mina!!! She may not realize this but they are prefect for each other!

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