Creativity Overload

My life these last two weeks have really pulled at me creatively but in a good way. I thrive by pouring out my creativity into books, graphic design, scripts, drama and children’s ministry in general.

I’ve been part of a children’s ministry think tank for our church, Portland Christian Center in Portland Oregon. It been has awesome to dream, envision, throw out impossible scenarios and see if we can achieve it for the preschool and elementary age kids. It is also very exciting to be apart of it and I’m excited that my children will get to see all of the fruition of these designs. It is in its design stages right now, so we can’t leak any design plans, but all I can say is that it will be HUGE and when it’s finished, everyone should come visit me at Portland Christian Center and check it out. (I will tell you when it’s done.)

 Yes that is me in the middle of a sentence speaking. I obviously talk with my hands alot.

Also I got just done putting a show together with my husband, Philip Hahn, who is a very talented magician, comedian, ventriloquist and puppeteer. As we say it, I’m the script writer/manager and he is the performer. I’m also his greatest fan and critic. But it was very fun to brainstorm, create and build large scale magic tricks. Well, I just brainstormed and watched him build it. He was the guest performer for the Upwards Basketball Celebration Event. So it is very fun to watch him get into the performance gigs again.

Check out my talented husband Phil’s Hahn’s Blog Here

I’m also the drama director for the kids musical. Spend a while on the Nile and we just got done with auditions and casting last week. I’m part of a great team under Shaya Lindseth. It’s nice to not be in charge of the whole musical and only a small portion. Gives me time to split my creative energy amongst all of my different projects. 

So between Writing, Creating and Designing, I’ve been a little drained and can’t wait for Coffee tomorrow with Stacey Wallace Benefiel, fellow Oregonian and the author of the Zellie Wells trilogy. It should be fun to just talk, eat food, and drink coffee. Okay, we probably will talk shop about books, but that is fun and not really draining.

 Here is the first book in her Trilogy Glimpse.
Check out Stacey Books and site. HERE
So that is whats new in the life of author Chanda Hahn.


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