Editors and Butterflies

So after numerous rewrites and edits I will finally be ready to send my manuscript “The Iron Butterfly” to an editor in a day or so. A real life editor, who I actually happen to be related to by marriage so I’m getting a family rate. But either way a real editor who is going to read my slush, without having to be put at gun point. No not slushy books. Slush is an unsolicited manuscript. And not at gun point because I know my book isn’t that bad. Or at least I hope not.

But either way, I’m beyond ecstatic, and I’m sick of looking at my manuscript. And I”m sure my husband is ready for a different topic besides the characters in my book.

But for those that have been asking it is a 115,000 word YA Fantasy Novel. Yes, it has fantasy, romance, daring escapes and action pack girl power fight scenes. Yeah, what more could a young aspiring reader want. O.k there are some kick but boy fight scenes as well. But I won’t tell you more, I have to leave you hanging.

Oh, forgot to mention: An editor does not guarantee publishing. It just means they’ll make you sound smarter and catch all of my editing errors. ha ha.

I finished my query letter and you may look for it in a future post.