So when I first published UnEnchanted. It wasn’t at its best form. It didn’t have an editor. I never in my life thought it would get this much attention. I wasn’t prepared for the book to hit the iBooks charts or go anywhere. Since then I have had the book edited and I’ve been trying to get it resubmitted through my distributer to iBooks so all of the stupid spelling errors and grammar can be fixed.

Unfortunately, it has been pending…and under review… in Smashwords for the last week. All I get from Smashwords is that it can take two weeks. And then it will be another week before it gets sent out to Apple. (Roll eyes). So during this time, the book is fixed, and edited but unavailable to ibooks and all of the readers out there.

So it keeps getting really snarky people, writing mean comments under reviews, telling me to fix the errors and get an editor. Which I did…..But it doesn’t help if Smashwords can’t send out the changes.

Hey, I’m just a small town girl, that had a story to tell. I didn’t have aspirations to make it big, or be famous. I was hoping for a platform to publish books that I like to read, for my friends and family who like to read the same kind of books.

I’m truthfully not prepared for the criticism that comes along with being a paid author or one that is in the top ten anything. I wish I could make the submissions get sent out faster….but I can’t.
So please be patient, and understanding with me.

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  1. I purchased your book from the B&N website, just on a whim and a pretty cover 🙂 so yes, you can judge a book by its cover.

    After I started reading it I too noticed the grammatical errors and spelling mistakes. But as I have read, and loved, many Smashwords authors like Autumn Dawn and Penelope Fletcher, it was easy to overlook and just get wrapped up in the characters.

    Great job! Can’t wait for the next one- hurry up already 🙂


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