1. I’m only 13 and I love Chanda Hahn I’ve been trying really hard to get the third book and my parents won’t let me get stufd like this unless I win it but I’ve never won anything in my life at all.

  2. Too excited this comes out the day after my kids start school, so I will get to start and finish before they need to be picked up! And crossing my fingers I win something…

  3. I enjoy all your books I got both my sister’s reading them and my kids enjoy them too. We all can’t wait for Fable to come out the day after our moms bday won’t forget to get it

  4. OMG, I have read the iron butterfly and LOVED it. I see everyone loving this series as well and have been dying to read these as well. I think you an awesome person and would love to win this pack. I really just want to read the books so bad 🙂 I hope I win 18 days is too long to wait to find out 🙁

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