Finding Faith Book Review

Finding Faith by Denise Hunter

I picked up Finding Faith by Denise Hunter last night at the local Library and started reading it. I finished it this morning. I was truly touched by the real characters and their emotions. For a Christian Fiction author, her characters are not picture perfect. In Fact, they are far from it, but they are true women struggling to find faith, God and Forgiveness. Not only from the people they love but find forgiveness for themselves.

This isn’t a make you feel good book, it will touch on subjects that many women don’t want to even think about, like affairs, abortions and deception. Things that many real women have had to deal with and are hiding and hurting from. Finding Faith touches that raw emotion and I found myself crying and even relating to their hurt.
Paula, is a driven woman who put her career as a chicago anchorwoman, first over her husband, and family, whose choices she made 3 years ago are tearing her marriage apart. Can her husband find the strength to forgive and love.
 Linn, is a 19 year old girl, who had come from a past with a lot of mistakes including an affair, and a baby girl who is now happily adopted. But her feelings towards herself are tainted, worthless and impure. So when she meets Adam, a college graduate and current seminary student, with the perfect life, perfect future, and ….a perfect girl. How could Linn ever hope to compare.
I discussed some of the characters and plot with my husband last night, and he was, “Well she better end up with him in the end.” But we know that’s not how real life always works. You will have to read and find out what happens to Paula and Linn in Finding Faith.
Psalms 103:12
As far as the east is from the west; so far has he removed our transgressions from us.