Forever An Unfortunate Fairy Tale Release Day!




Today is my 13th Wedding Anniversary along with the release of My Last Book in the Unfortunate Fairy Tale Series (Mina’s story arc) There may be a few standalones later from other’s POV’s.

Also last week my Yorkie got out and was hit by a car, so it’s been an emotional day, since today will be the day we get to bring her home from the hospital.

So saying all that, I may not be online a whole lot to celebrate today, cause there’s lots going on at the Hahn household. But I am very very grateful for all of my readers and fans that have followed me on the series! If it wasn’t for you I never would have written Fairest or any of the other books in the series. You are the real creators and driving force behind the books!

Thank you so much!

Enjoy the Book!