Gender cover swapping? How about Title Swapping?

Okay, I admit my post should have been up earlier in the day but I forgot. Blame it on PST zone i’m in and my kids. Yes, lets just do that. Anyway on to the blog post of the day and I’m in a weird mood…which is my normal mood.

A few months ago Maureen Johnson posted on Twitter “I do wish I had a dime for every email I get that says, “Please put a non-girly cover on your book so I can read it. – signed, A Guy”
Thus followed the CoverFlip Challenge. Where Readers where encouraged to take the cover of a popular book and imagine if the author was of the opposite gender and what the cover would look like. 

Some of my favorite’s of the CoverFlip are below.

Originals on the Left Cover Swap on the Right.

Does this make me want to read some of them when I probably wouldn’t have? Yes…Yes it does. Until I got to the end of Carrie and probably would throw the book across the room and scream FALSE ADVERTISING! I don’t like scary movies, or books to much.

What has been happening more and more is the Single Title Books. Hey Look there Chanda! You did it on three of your books. UNENCHANTED, FAIREST & FABLE!!! Yes. Hangs head in shame. I’ve fallen in with the peer pressure and did it for my series. Now stop pressuring me and hand be some chocolate like a good little minion…I mean er reader.

Now imagine you are at a movie theatre, you paid for your ticket, bought your $8 popcorn and $4 drink and pretend that you didn’t take a second mortgage out on your house just to take your family of six to the movies. Okay, it’s not that bad, but it feels like it. You walk past the stancions and proceed down the hallway toward theatre 10 and it’s filled with movie posters. And all of the tag lines and titles suck. Believe me, I’ve been there and quite a few times I thought I could do better than what they put on those posters.

Now it’s your turn my epic readers, authors and bloggers. To come up with Tag lines and Titles for all of your favorite books out there that have fallen into the one word-ism spectrum. 

The best example my family always talks about is the movie Speed.
Or as my father in law calls it “The Bus that couldn’t slow down”
Or the opposite happens and books with really really long titles should have just been a single word and it could describe the whole thing. 

Here’s a whole list of BOOKS WITH LONG TITLES on GOODREADS

And here is another list of LIST WITH ONE WORD BOOKS 

So take your pick. Pick a book from the long list and make it short. 
Or pick a book from the short list and make it long. POST YOUR TITLES BELOW!!

And don’t feel bad if you want to swap any of my book titles around. Coming up with a title is one of the most fun and terrifying ordeals ever.


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