Hitting the Charts!

So a lot of Firsts happened this week. 
UnEnchanted was released to Ibooks on Jan 5th.
A week later this is what happened. 
 It landed at #6 on the top ten paid children’s authors on Ibooks.
Same day it also landed at #60 on IBooks top 100 Paid authors.
Even with it unedited and a few spelling errors. 
My facebook is going crazy, Friends are friending me that I have no idea who they are.
My Blog is exploding and my email is getting filled with requests for interviews and fan letters.
Truthfully Readers, I was not prepared for this kind of reception. Since then I got an editor to edit UnEnchanted and it will be re-released on IBooks and all of the other sites in a week. So feel free, to delete and re-download your copy of the book you already purchased. (In a Week)
Top 3 Questions I keep getting asked.
1). Is there a sequel to UnEnchanted
A. Yes, It is in the outline stages and I hope to start work on it soon. 
But only after I have released the other 2 books I’m working on in a different series.
I hope they will be out in a few weeks.
2). How did you get where you are?
A. I have no idea. Lucky rabbits foot.
3. Can you give me advice. 
A. Not a whole lot, I’m still trying to figure out what I’m doing… I’m looking for people to give me advice.