House Slippers?

I’ve seriously been debating the idea of getting house slippers. I know…it sounds crazy! But you have to remember I spend my whole day running around after my twin three year olds and every room in my house has hardwood floors. I’ve always been anti-shoe in the house. I don’t want the dirt, dust, mud or heaven forbid snow, tracked through my house, on my floors and eventually ending up on my couches and beds.
Remember 3 year olds!

Cute crochet pattern @ Ravelry

Even if I can’t get my husband to follow suit. He is adament that he wears shoes in the house because his feet will start hurting. And frankly, he may have a small point. I’ve told him that he needs to get house slippers and he dedicated a pair of shoes, as his said, slippers. But I watch him run outside to the mail, to our fire pit and even our grill wearing them. So then I ask myself, What was the point of having them be house slippers, if you wear them outside the house.

But I find that I need the sole support when I sit at a desk for long periods of time. I put my feet through all sort of backwards, twists turns, that I’m sure if it was an Olympic sport I would place.

But what to get? I don’t want to wear house slippers like my grandama. But these were so Cute I may have to try it.

Or Better Yet! Someone could buy some for me. Phil.
What are your thoughts on house slippers? Are they GRANNY Or GREAT!


  1. I wear those slipper socks with the little grippy dots on the bottom for skid control. Since my husband is also the vacuumer, he happily sheds his shoes at the door and dons his socks in the house. Oh, and for trips to the patio he has slip-ons. If it’s off the patio or cold it’s on with the shoes!

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