We at the Indelibles for Valentines are sharing our favorite kissing scenes from one of our books. So in the Spirit of Valentines. Here is a scene from


“Kael, you’re not dead. We’re not dead. Joss saved you.”

“Yeah, right. Why would that young puppy want to save me?” He groaned as he tried to move again. But I placed my hand over his mouth to stop him from talking.

“Just take pleasure in the fact that you’re alive. It doesn’t matter in the least how.” I smiled at him.

Kael studied me and I could see fire burning in his eyes. Before I could ask him if he was all right, he grabbed my hand covering his mouth. He reached up with the other to grasp my neck and did something completely unexpected. He pulled me towards him and kissed me. It wasn’t a peck on the lips either, but a real full-fledged, spine-tingling kiss. I was shocked. At first I resisted until I felt the need and the desperation he was pouring into the kiss and then I gave in.

My heart fluttered and pounded loudly, my blood rushed and I felt an almost electric current rush through the kiss. It was intoxicating. Here, Kael was telling me how he felt and not hiding it behind puzzles and stoic faces.

When I finally came to my senses I pulled away from the kiss. Kael’s eyes were filled with passion.

A cough alerted me to the presence of an audience and I scooted back to see an angry Joss, blonde hair blowing, standing over us with the rest of the search team.

My cheeks burned red in embarrassment and Joss just glared at Kael, who slowly, painfully stood up and glared right back in challenge.

“I save your life and this is the thanks I get,” Joss growled and pushed Kael in the chest hard.

Kael just grinned. “No, this is the thanks she gets for saving me. I didn’t know that you were feeling left out,” Kael goaded Joss, looking for a fight.

ENJOY! And Happy Valentines Day!


  1. This is my favorite also!!! I just finished the Steele Wolf (LITERALLY!) And i am soooo excited for the Silver Siren!!!

  2. The Silver Siren is going to be amazing I can already tell you have extreme talent and what a great valentines scene keep it up 🙂

  3. You picked out a good scene! It says that it was completely unexpected, but i was waiting for that part the whole book! Can’t wait for The Silver Siren!

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