Jared’s Quest Now Available

What? That’s right. Jared’s Quest is now available as an standalone short story. Before it has only been published in a boxed set or in the bonus material for those that Pre Ordered Reign.

Here’s Where we run into the problem. For me to gift everyone the short story if you pre ordered. You also had to actually download the book within the first week to get the FIRST EDITION! Only the very first edition had the short story included in the BACK of REIGN. It was not a separate ebook.

The second problem was updating your e-readers. If you update Reign after you download it, It would refresh your kindle, or iPad etc, to the 2nd edition of Reign, (which did not include JQ). It used to be so hard to refresh an ebook. I still to this day have an ebook on my nook that doesn’t have a cover, because I have been unable to refresh that book and get the newest edition. But that isn’t always the case. Some readers (which I didn’t know) will automatically update all your ebooks if you hit the refresh button. Or put a big button next to the book and if you bump it. Boom Gone. (Sigh) you loose your short story.

So after months of emails, of those that missed out on downloading it during it’s release, or wanted Jared’s Quest, or had accidentally updated their ebook. I’ve released it as a separate ebook. I truthfully didn’t want to. I had planned on releasing Jared’s Quest with 2 other short stories that will one day come. Nixed and Never Ever. (Short Stories from Nix and Ever’s POV) So I wanted to bundle all 3 stories and give them to you readers at once. But this is the only way I can rerelease the ebook to everyone.

So Jared’s Quest is 99 cents. And really, I only make pennies on each sale. So for an author after taxes. It is practically nada. And UnEnchanted is still FREE. YAY!

I also like the idea of having it as a separate ebook, because it looks so nice and I can make sure to read it in the correct order.

***NOTE***Jared’s Quest takes place in the timeline between UnEnchanted and Fairest.

So here is the current reading order.

Jared’s Quest


And Here is the PRETTY! With an Updated Cover!

I’ll update the links when I see them go live.