Liebster award

So last week I was nominated for a Leibster award by Jo Michaels. So I will pass on the nomination and answer the 10 questions I was given.

A little about the award:
The Leibster award is given to wonderful blogs with under 200 followers. The word “Liebster” Means sweetheart in German. In accepting this award I am contractually obligated to answer 10 questions of Jo Michaels choosing and then command 5-10 other people to answer my similarly worded questions. 

1. Do your children read and how do you feel your writing has influenced them?

Not yet! They are diligently working on reading and sounding out words. They are in Pre-K. I can’t wait until they are old enough to read my books. Which is why I write for the younger YA group.

2. Do you have a routine to get your creative juices flowing?

Spend a few days reading and then jump into writing.

3. Is there one genre you prefer to write over another?

Probably Fantasy. I write epic fantasy, contemporary fantasy,

4. What kind of snacks do you keep on hand while you write?

Chocolate, and I drink lots of iced hazelnut mochas.

5. Is there a particular moment in your life where you knew you’d be a writer?

When I started writing UnEnchanted. It was the second book I’ve ever written and I just knew that this series would launch my career as a writer.

6. Who is your biggest cheerleader and what have they helped you accomplish?

Stacey Wallace Benefiel and my husband Philip Hahn. Stacey keeps me sane, and brings me back down to earth with I start to spiral out of control with worry. She also encourages me and tells me to go for it. My husband sees how overwhelmed I can sometimes get and makes sure that I have time to write.

7. What’s your favorite book cover (on one of your books)?

UnEnchanted. It’s my absolute favorite, probably because it was my first book that I ever published. I had found a picture on Flickr and fell in love with it. I wrote UnENchanted based on the picture. Later I obtained the rights from the photographer Jorge Wiegend to use it for the cover.

8. Have you ever done a public engagement event?

I’ve been lots of public engagement events as a costume character, librarian and disc jockey, but I’ve mostly done book signings at conferences. 

9. Do you write about your surroundings or think up new places?

I prefer to make up new places.

10. What do you think is the most important thing for a writer to keep in mind?

Write what you want to read. At least you will always have one fan.

Now for my nominees and ten questions (nominees must have fewer than 200 followers):

Stacey Wallace Benefiel
Lisa Nowak

1. What is the #1 Reason you started writing?
2. What is the reason you chose to write in the Genre or age range you do?
3. What would be the craziest idea for a book ever that someone should write?
4. Pepsi or Coke?
5. Who would you choose to play the main character in your current WIP if it was made into a movie?
6. When you are not writing or blogging, what do you do for fun?
7. Secret/ fun fact about you that not many people know
8. If you were on an island an you only had one book, which one would you choose.
9. 5 one word hints about your next book.
10. Advice you would give to a future author.