Limited Edition: Once in a Lifetime Fractured Fairy Tale Set!

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December 1st 2013.

For a Limited Time Only

.99 cents Once_boxset_1600x2400

Dive into 4 different worlds of fairy from four amazing authors of the genre.

Read about a descendant of the brothers Grimm fighting to break a curse, Snow White who craves blood, fairy tale creatures buried in dreams whose true stories are written in the book of sands, and a Captain Hook who’s thirst for Peter’s blood is more than the stories have made it out to be. Whether you’re looking for sensual romance, nail-biting fantasy, a new and sexy Snow, or a mysterious curse, check out this amazing boxed set from four bestselling authors of twisted fairy tales.

4 Full novels plus never before published bonus material from Bestselling Authors:

Chanda Hahn
RaShelle Workman
Marie Hall
Cameron Jace

This set includes an UnEnchanted short Story!

 Jared’s Quest:

An Unfortunate

Fairy Tale Short Story.


Jared's Quest 3

Ever wonder what Jared does

when he’s not saving

Mina Grime’s skin from fairy tale baddies?

Mina Grime is a Grimm, bent on sending Jared, and his Fae kind back to their own world to end the curse on her family. Jared is her Fae protector, and an all around pain in the neck. Then the wheels of fate turn on Jared, and he is given his own quest to complete, against his will.

Jared has his hands full as he tries to save a bunch of spellbound boys, capture a beautiful shape-changing Fae, and keep Mina in the dark about it. He’ll need all the help he can get, and will have to recruit one of his old Fae friends to help.