Mask of Doubt

behind the mask
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I’ve felt a lack of inspiration, this last week. I’ve gotten over some of the most difficult plot hurdles and i’m nearing the end of my book. Which can be a very daunting task. So I began to question myself. Am I leading up to a killer ending. Will my audiences be disappointed? Is there enough of a cliff hanger. So I’ve been walking around my computer all week staring at it. Going to sit at it and instead checking my email, facebook, the weather. Doing everything I possibly can do except for finishing it.

A flicker of doubt has begun to creep in, and has found a cozy little corner in my brain. Because so far, I have written something that I would have liked to read. There were times, I was trying to sensor my writing for fear of offending readers. But then when you read through it again, my characters are not showing enough of basic human nature. So then there is no choice but to write and not try and draw a line in the sand. To let people read and come to their own conclusions. Because not everyone will understand, and I can’t please everyone, only myself.

The other hurdle I’ve had, which is a big no no, in the writing world is that I haven’t had a writing group critique my book. I’m scared that my vision will be too easily swayed by others, too soon. That once again, I will lose myself and my vision, to write what others want. So I do encourage others to find a group of readers to help you develop your world and ideas.

Here’s a HINT: About what may be in my book.

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  1. Pleasssseee hurry up with the 3rd book, I really am not trying to be mean it’s just that I have read a lot of books and by far this is m favorite and i was just thinking oh cool this book looks interesting and I never expected to be transported to another world and when I was reading it, it actually felt as if I was living in the tale and i am not just saying this but that takes some serious talent.

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