It’s over, it’s over and it’s over. I can’t tell you how excited i am that National Novel Writing Month is over. I did complete the task of 50,024 words in a month. But again I started 13 days late, so I was cramming. I was typing on Thanksgiving, in between visiting family members and late at night every night. I was even typing almost up until the midnight cut off point. Once I reached my goal of a few words of 50,000. I saved and uploaded it and shut my computer off. I didn’t touch my novel for one whole week.

I still can’t touch it. I look at it and my skin crawls with dread at the thought of picking it up and feeling my fingers automatically curl back with intense dislike. Don’t get me wrong, the story is good and I love where i’m going with it and I’m glad that the contest push made me start it. It’s my fingers….they are protesting the abuse i put them through with typing. I’m find myself typing this blog very slow as if i’m stretching my fingers before a run along the keyboard path.

The most typing I had done was a sentence here or there as I shopped for Christmas gifts online, since most of the work was done with the mouse. he he But I know deep down, if any wannabe author like myself want to write anything good they shouldn’t put a work in progress down for any length of time. One week is about the max, before I forget where i’m going and then have to reread the book from the beginning. So that is my goal for the day. To get out the red pen and start reading and editing.

But a little bit of gloating just because i can.

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  1. I actually tend to put things aside for longer (at a good stopping place), but for a specific reason. If I come back to it and can’t fall back into the world I created, well there’s no point in continuing until I find out why. When I am actively working on a scene, I don’t do that, but I think it helps to have a little distance and be a reader. I write down (separately) where I thought I was going in case I forget. I haven’t looked at all of my NaNoWriMo novel yet, but I plan on doing so when I have a few days to devote completely to it.

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