Okay everyone, the month is officially half over so we should all be at 25,000 words right? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Don’t worry because I lost track of time and didn’t start my Nano novel until a few days ago, so I’m officially 21,000 words behind.

Since I started on November 13, I will probably be done December 13 instead. But I hope everyone else is plugging away at their novel. Finding a quiet sanctuary to write in is my achilles heel. Everytime I sit down to write, it’s my husband who comes in and asks inane questions, and interrupts me every 5 minutes not my twin 2 1/2 year olds. Go Figure. I finally put a post it on my office door that said. “Do Not Disturb.” That seemed to work….For Now.

I’ve added a widget to keep track of my word count. I don’t think I can reach the 50,000 mark, unless I lock myself away during the holiday week. But we will see.

So as I say often. Keep on Dreaming. Keep on Writing.

To bad I can’t add my blogs to my Nano score. Hee hee.