Never thought I would be saying this.

I’m stumped. I never thought I would write anything even resembling the book that I am currently writing. But I wanted to deal with some very real and problematic issues that are plaguing americans today.

Like Zombies. 
Help me kill it!

Yes I said it, Zombies. They are everywhere, t.v. books, comic books etc. And I love writing Fantasy and it seemed like my project needed a monster to kill. It has ALL Fantasy creatures in it, like Minatours, Centaurs and off course the occasional zombie in it, because well I couldn’t feel bad about killing off a zombie, since it’s already dead. Right!?!

But then I run into another problem. How do I kill a zombie? I don’t really want to write graphic, bloody, gory scenes, because the only way I have heard is cut off the head or destroy the brain. Yep! That is way out of my writing comfort zone. Well if it was a dragon, I can write that. But yuck Zombie. EWWW.

So I am currently recruiting for my Zombie Apocolypse team that will give me ideas for destroying a Zombie in the unconventional way. I only need to kill off 1 people so no bombs or anything.


  1. You could make the zombies a product of a necromancer’s magic, then you’d just have to stop said magic user in the act and everything is normal again.

  2. I was thinking more like running it over with a car or something. But I think it would eat my character first if I hugged it. LOL

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