New Book Project. A Grim Outlook

So I’m starting a new venture while I wait patiently during the Querying process on my first manuscript. My first ms is complete fantasy and now I’m going to venture into the genre that I swore I never would try. Urban Fantasy.

Sigh! I know, what am I thinking? But it started during a plot exercise I was doing with my husband during lunch yesterday. I’ve had a few different plot lines for books running through my head and I decided to give him a stack of note cards and I took one. We each then wrote down possible plot lines for various books.

This one plot line, stuck with me, and I kept going back to that 4×6 green card. Finally sitting down, I began to fill in details….and then more details. And then the characters came to life on paper and I knew what I had to do.

I had to write it. So of course like before I like to give a hint as to what I’m writing about our about what a character may look like. So I’ve done that. Let’s see if you can guess what it will be about.

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  1. hey, chanda! love the blog. it’s all nice and clean and bright… looking forward to joining you on query road.


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