Saturday’s Thoughts

A Few Good Quotes:

When I want to read a novel, I write one.
Benjamin Disraeli

If there is no wind, row.
Latin Proverb

Chocolate Inspiration!

Had to take a break yesterday to jump start my brain again. So I made a batch of Chocolate Truffles. Yum and rolled them in crushed oreo cookies. Finished them this morning and I’ve already ate way too many. But now I’m ready to crack down and finish writing. Coffee, Chocolate and Computer in hand.

Hit the 200 mark.

I’ve officially hit the 200 page mark. I’m sad to say that i haven’t had as much time this last week to write. I’ve been constantly thinking about the book and journaling ideas, just not writing as much. I’ve probably typed maybe 25 pages. I make sure that I read a chapter or two each day so that the characters stay fresh in my mind. But if there is any background noise of the children or t.v. than I am sad to say, I’m unable to focus and I end up being counterproductive. Anything that I pen during these times I have to spend twice the amount of time editing and rewriting it later. ufdah.

My husband can look at me and probably say “wait a minute, you are always on the computer.” And yes that is true, since my t.v. usually has Sesame Street or Curious George on it. I tend to spend more of my time checking email, news, games etc and counting down the minutes until the twins go down for a nap.

I’m thinking of releasing a chapter or two, to a few chosen friends or family to see what they feel about the characters. Only problem is that, your family members always think everything is great. And I’m also writing this for Young Adults. So teens is my target group. I hope to be finished writing in the next couple of weeks and then on to editing.