Reasons Behind My Silence….Part 2

I have been very quiet lately on facebook and my blog because we have been in a transition phase. We finished our basement this spring, held a garage sale and put our house on the market. All which are beginning steps to…um we are not sure. We are at a crossroads in life and have to make a decision.

It’s been a crazy ride and we’ve had lots of fun working with our current church, but it is time to see the big picture. God is moving us and we would be fools to not follow his lead. There are doors being opened and steps being taken to see where we will be going next. We have some idea’s but we don’t want to spoil anything yet.
Our last Sunday is October 30th at First Assembly in Saint Joseph, MI and we will be saying goodbye to a wonderful group of people and church family. If you see me being quiet and a solemn face it’s because I don’t want to cry. DO YOU HEAR THAT PEOPLE! DON’T MAKE ME CRY ON SUNDAY! I’M WARNING YOU!