Reign made the New York Times & USA TODAY bestseller list

It’s been a while when I just posted on my blog to catch the fans up. Truthfully, I’m torn between over sharing and days when I feel like I’m not sharing enough. But here goes my recap of november.

Monday November 3rd- Reign was released! The night before I had been part of an 11 hour release party and we gave away prizes like crazy until the ebook started to show up on the readers.

Just for fun two days later I decided to search my name on the USA TODAY Bestseller list. This list runs Monday through Sunday and collects the top 150 sold print & ebooks combined. So I wouldn’t actually even see if I made it for another week, because my book just released on Monday. Well to my surprise I had made the list! For the Week ending Nov 2nd. I debuted on USA TODAY BESTSELLER LIST November 6th at #101.

I’m not sure how. I think it’s because the pre orders went live Sunday the night before my actual release but there were enough pre orders on Sunday night that on the last night of the USA TODAY Week that I hit the list before my actual release date.

Of course It was a surprise! I wasn’t expecting it. And I cried! I cried and I cried!

But not only that. The week of Reign’s actual release there were enough sales to hit the USA Today again the next week. USA TODAY BESTSELLER LIST November 13th at #128.

Screen Shot 2014-12-06 at 9.42.45 AM


Then began the agonizing wait of hearing if I hit the NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER LIST. Agents and publishers get the list early on Wednesday and know before the public of who made the list. But I’d have to wait for another week.

It was horrible. I kept having dreams all Tuesday night November 11th that I’d hit the list or check my phone and get an email from my agent with the news. But then I’d wake up and realized it was just a dream. Over and over I dreamed I made the NYT list until I was a nervous wreck.

Wednesday I was driving the 30 minutes into Portland to pick up the twins from school at 2pm and it was on the way home that I got a phone call while driving.

It was my agent Mark Gottlieb.

“Chanda, did you get my emails?” Mark asked.

Well I hadn’t since it takes me 20-30 minutes to drive to school to wait 10 minutes in the pick up line and the 20-30 minute drive back. Oh and I have hands free calling in my car.

“No, I’m driving home why?”

“Well you better keep both hands on the wheel.”

I was so excited that I kind of interrupted his news. “I made the New York Times list didn’t I?!”

“Yes, you came in at number #20 on the ebook best seller list!”

Well, I couldn’t do the crazy happy dance or screaming that I wanted too, because well I was driving my car with the twins in the back. But I probably didn’t come off that way. I was probably the most calm person ever while taking the news, and letting it soak in.

I do remember telling Mark Gottlieb, “That I’m glad you were the one to tell me.”

It felt like another dream. It didn’t really feel real. I was numb but my brain was working on overdrive, and a robot took over. I’m not really sure how I made it into my garage and into the house where I was finally able to do a happy dance.


NYT Ebook list


So of course I want to thank everyone for believing in this series. You made this possible.