Sendin’ out the Query

I figured it was finally time to quit holding on to my manuscript and to start testing the waters with my first book called The Iron Butterfly. This is the first book in the Children of Denai Series. This was written to be a Young Adult Fantasy but is really a crossover into Adult Fantasy as well. I love my series and have almost finished book two; tentative title (The Silver Siren). I figured it was safer to test my first book with before I finished all three and get stuck with the possibility of HUGE rewrites.

I love my characters and intertwining their destinies and keeping their love interests just out of reach. Also I enjoy going back to the basics and relying on storytelling and true emotions to keep the reader passionate about reading instead of throwing in PG-13/ NR or R material. I want parents to feel safe about what their child is reading.

Yes, I know that many people think it might make my books seem boring now, but it the exact opposite. You never had to wonder about a Nancy Drew book being inappropriate for your child to read. You just knew it was safe. And that’s what I want to do as well. Create a Safe Haven of Great Reading that challenges the imagination and makes you cry and laugh out loud and grow with my characters.

I actually remember my very first Fantasy book I picked up, at a nickel and dime place because I was bored on a camping trip and wanted something to read instead of fishing. I loved the Sweet Valley High and Nancy Drew and reading a Fantasy book opened my eyes to the wonders of other worlds and all the things that could be made possible. I have never looked back.

But I have notebooks of ideas and chapters started on other books and I’m ready to go. Even if no one wants to represent my books, it won’t stop me writing or from creating the book series for my children. Nothing will. Even if right now, It’s my adult husband who loves my books, because my children are to young to read yet, I’m not daunted.

I have even received my first no from an agent, and I looked at my husband, smiled and said. “Hey, that didn’t hurt as bad as I thought it would.” One because I know that my books are aweseome.


  1. I am so excited for your new addition to the iron butterfly series! You are a great writer, I think it is ridiculous that you have not been published yet, I guess publishers now days dont know a good book even if they got slapped in the face with it!

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