Still Alive!

It’s been a while since I’ve updated my blog. So I figured it is time to just check in and let everyone know that yes…I’m still here and I’m still alive. I wanted to take the summer off and spend time with my family and to give myself a break from plotting and working on books.

But alas, my inbox was filled everyday with readers asking about release dates and wanting spoilers on major plot points for my books, which I refuse to give people. When I know for certain the title of the book or a specific release date, rest assured I will let everyone else know too. The reason there isn’t anything posted is because I don’t know yet.

Over this summer I partnered with a literary Agent and we have been working through re-editing and polishing the UnEnchanted Series and getting them ready for….Whatever the Future has in store.

Either way, I’ve been polishing the series and looking at the big picture.


  1. Can’t wait fir book three 🙂 i really want Mina and Jared to end up together! I love your writing style and your books have baan a great way for me to relax after a really long school day, which is almost every day! 🙂

  2. Anxiously waiting for book three in the UnEnchanted series! I am thinking that most don’t thank an author for writing a book and I wanted to give you a big Thank You. I found myself saying, “one more chapter” into the wee hours of the morning until the whole book was done!!! Thanks again!

  3. Mina and Brody should end up together in the end. I finished the second book in one night!! Please publish your next book. I beg you

  4. Mina and Brody should end up together in the end. I finished the second book in one night!! Please publish your next book. I beg you

  5. Mina and Brody should end up together in the end. I finished the second book in one night!! Please publish your next book. I beg you

  6. I just finished reading book 2 and omg i am deeply in love with this story, I want Mina to be with Brody but then Jared is just so perfect as well and I love them both equally it’s so hard to Choose lol please hurry with book 3 you’re doing an amazing job! Love it!!!

  7. oh no! the waiting will be an eternal torment! 🙂

    i love your books ms. chanda. i am 32 but you have this amazing power on me through your books which transports me back between my childhood and teenage years and at the same time, gives me hope to a happily ever after now that i am in my early 30s.

    i will be waiting for your next book…more power.

    vimmy (believer in fairies and happily ever afters at 32)

  8. I read both books in two days! I was sad to see the third book hasn’t been released yet. Although, I understand that you have a life to live, as well. I am anxiously awaiting the release of the third book (and hopefully more to come). Keep up the amazing writing!!

  9. I loved UnEnchanted and am dying to get Fairest from the library! (Hurry up, people, return it!) 😀 I am also letting my friend read it and we haven’t even gotten to the ninth page and she says, “This is the best book ever!” LOL :)I probably like it because I’m so much like Mina. I have brown hair, am unpopular, and have no prince. And (how ironic) the friend I’m letting read it too has blonde hair like Nan. 😀 Thank you so much for writing the series! <3

  10. You are doing fabulous and I am happy you got a chance to take some time off with your family. A lot of readers think that writers live in a basement with a lamp and write all the time. I too can’t wait to read the next book but I know waiting will make it even more great. Your books have given me that feeling I have been searching for since I read a book called The Thirteenth Tale. Like that book your words transport me into the book and I have to be called numerous times before I will leave that trance. Your books are perfect the way they are, and I wish you the best of luck with future books.
    – April
    ON, Canada

  11. Just read the first two books and LOVED them!! Can’t wait for the next one. I just have a small request-Please let Mina and Jered end up together in the end!! 🙂

  12. Arghhhh. I just finished book 2 and am sad to see there isn’t a book 3. I hope it comes out soon. I’ve enjoyed both books!

  13. No matter how much you say your polishing them up I believe they are already awsome!!! Well the first two are and if you say the next one is going to be much better then Im sure to enjoy it!!! Love the books and keep up the good work!!!

  14. YAYYYYY!!!!!
    plz hurry.
    btw go kael in iron butterfly. im going to be a ninja like him one day. XD
    thx for not givin spoilers away or i wouldnt read the books.

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