Twins to the power squared

It’s summer time and of course, It’s hard to be motivated to work when Lake Michigan keeps calling my name. Oh, wait no. That’s my children calling my name. But I have to say I have been getting lots done. Now remember I am a mother of twins, not just any twins but the cutest, most adorable twins in the world. Well to me and my family they are the best in the world. But in June they turned 2 and for some reason, I truly believed my twins would skip the terrible twos altogether. Boy was I wrong. They are at a great stage where they can communicate half of the things they want and then get really frustrated when they can’t communicate the other half. Especially to each other.

I spend most of my day breaking up toy sharing fights and finding something for my pickiest of picky eaters Aiden to eat. Cleaning up toys, watching them take those toys back out and putting them back, changing diapers, cleaning cheerios out of the VCR, couch and lately even the mr. potato heads. Motherhood is tough, but a very rewarding job. So if my book get’s put on the back burner, it’s o.k. for now because this stage in their life will pass.

The book is done, I’ve just been editing and rewriting. So the main story is still the same. But I’m shooting for sending it to editors come january. It only took me 2 1/2 months to write the book the rest of the time has been finding quiet time to edit. Now I can’t write when it’s loud and noisy in the house, so nap times are the only time to do it. I rarely do evenings because I savor those very rare and few hours with my wonderful husband. Always, always, make time for family first. They are your support group when things don’t go how you want them.