UnEnchanted Edited Version Re-released

Well, most of you know that I released UnEnchanted without being edited. I did it thinking it would sit out in cyberspace and no one would ever stumble upon. I was naive, it was my first epub book and I didn’t know any better. Alas, it was the complete opposite, the book took off and gained a following. But I still had to deal with those nasty editing mistakes, but what to do, since so many people already had the book? Well I made it FREE.

I am happy to say that after working with an Agent and lots of editing on both of our parts. UnEnchanted is finished. It has been extensively edited and Re-released on 9/21/12. It can take a few weeks to a few months for the edits to trickle through the ebook world. But gone are 99% of the errors and a few added bonuses may be found in the ebook, and paperback version.

WHAT?!?! NO!!!!. 

Yes, I know that is what many of you are probably going to say, but it had to have happened sooner or later. So if you got a first copy of the book before the edits, you can say that you are extremely special.

What is different? 

1. A few of the chapters have been combined. A couple of of them were super short and didn’t need their own chapter heading. I had one chapter that was like three sentences. Going for drama there. Didn’t need it.

2. Some of the POV’s have been deleted. Because they were unneeded or were redundant. I loved throwing in a paragraph or two of what Mina’s mom was thinking, but it didn’t really move the plot along and it made it confusing in some parts. Other character’s POV switches interrupted the flow of the writing and again weren’t necessarily needed. So you may not hear from Brody’s point of view or Jared’s as much in UnEnchanted. But again, it is always more fun for a girl to fill in the blanks herself anyway.

3. A couple of scenes extended.

But that is it. UnEnchanted, though good, wasn’t great yet! If we ever wanted to progress and tackle the world it needed to be done. So now I can quit getting all of the annoying emails from people asking to edit my books, or trying to sell me on an editor. I already had one. And it was a work in progress.

WAAAA! Have I been jipped? Did I miss something new?

It doesn’t really matter, because the book is still FREE. Right now, at least. So you can still download it directly onto your computer from Smashwords. It may take a while for the new version to get to KOBO, APPLE and BN.

Soon, I will tackle Fairest, and give it a few tweaks as well.

But for all of the naysayers and mean critic’s about editing and grammar etc. Here’s big loud raspberry PPPPBBBBFFFLLLTTTTT. Because there, it is done and re-edited, but nobody but will never know or care. Only I will know and my fans!

So cheer with me, we will bring UnEnchanted to a higher standard and bring the rest of the world with us.


  1. I absolutely loved both of the books!!! I honestly can not wait for the next… When will it be available I’m dying to know what happens next! 🙂

  2. I absolutely devoured your books. They were captivating and if I had had the time would have just sat and read them all in one sitting. God has blessed you with an amazing ability to create a new world. I’m excited for the next books!

  3. I ally love your book. Theyre such a quick read but have a lot of depth. An unexpected turn happens and you just can’t wait for the next book. Good work!

  4. WHEN IS THE THIRD BOOK COMING OUT? Thought this would just be a quick read and surprisingly I couldn’t put it down. I read them both one right after another. Great writing!!

  5. As a 40+ something adult, I downloaded unenchanted thinking it would be a quick light read and for the nastolgia. I found the book to be quite enjoyable and a creative way to bring the children’s fairy tales to the teen world and combined with today’s technology and realities. Looking forward to book 2 and book 3 when it comes out. A nice break from “a song of fire and ice”.

  6. Have to say, loved the books, but I confess the grammatical errors were driving me crazy. Especially the unnecessary commas, pet peave. But the story was still good enough for me to buy Fairest. Glad to know you’re working with an editor now, and I’m looking forward to the third book!

  7. I simply fell in love with ur book.. Even if it was unedited! N to speak truely, the unedited version is what came from heart, so it has to be the best 😀 thanks again for the lovely fairytale! 🙂

  8. Before reading the free one I only watched movies at night now I read thanks for the free download and can’t wait for the 3rd!

  9. idk if i can be so patient. Cant wait for the next book!!! and i dont care if its not edited!!! XD

  10. My best friend and I fell in love with your series. Your writing style is great and fun to be immersed in. We are both anxiously and PATIENTLY waiting for the third book. 🙂 Thanks for sharing your talent.

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