UnEnchanted-Temporarily out of print- edited.


So the last few days of January, I made an update to the back of UnEnchanted by adding in the Forever’s release date, and I saved it and went to re upload it but I kept getting errors. The file became corrupted and the Print on demand publisher wouldn’t take the file. AAAAHHHHH So while I battled the corrupted pdf file. Orders came in and then poof all of the pre printed stock was gone and UnEnchanted was out of print. Amazon can’t make a book if there’s no interior file.

Since then I have been working on trying to rectify this situation. Even Amazon’s Createspace team has jumped in and we’ve been trying to figure out the corruption problem. So we can get UnEnchanted back in paperback. It didn’t help that I was on a book cruise and didn’t bring my computer or have internet for a week, so we were at a standstill.

But I recovered an older version on my back up drive and we have a file that is now uncorrupted but we lost some of the fonts and designs in the interior of the paperback. So currently it is still out of print, but it will hopefully be back up in the next week or so. I don’t even have the stock on hand to fulfill the paperback orders. So ordering them from my on shop doesn’t help. I’m out as well.

Stupid computer stuff! Sorry everyone!
My sincerest apologies.