Unfortunate Fairy Tale Series

UnEnchanted is Book 1 of my Series that I call Unfortunate Fairy Tales. Well they are just that-unfortunate. A bittersweet tale that you will hate to love and love to hate, similar to the original collection of Grimm Fairy Tales. A collection of fascinating stories with twists, turns and not always the most crowd pleasing ending. But that is what makes them so different, so unique and so memorable.

My sister read UnEnchanted when it came out and so did my husband and they both were upset by the ending, because it wasn’t the fairy tale ending that everyone wanted. My husband actually had problems sleeping because of it, and my reaction to it. GOOD.

 Because I wrote something that stuck in your mind, that made you want to get up and respond, challenge me personally, and tell me to rewrite it. Well to bad, because I’m not going too. The ending is perfect just the way I envisioned it, I didn’t want a sweet happy ending because where would that leave me for a possible sequel? Nowhere, I tell you. I wouldn’t have one.
And because we all know that the Story never really ends…..You will just have to patiently wait… or impatiently wait for Book Two.

But until then if you haven’t read it, get it now at Barnes and Noble, Amazon, Smashwords IBooks or your local ebook site.


  1. I’ve just finished reading all three titles back to back in 24 hours, which should say it all really! What I desperately need to know is when is the next one coming!?!

  2. The third one has the sadest and most suspenseful ending of the ones written so far. I also like the Jared’s quest short story. It must have been before Fable.

  3. I just cried looking at the book cover for fable because I remember whst happened in it. I really can’t wait to read the next book once it is published on amazon. But for now I will just keep dying inside and mabye get a team jared shirt from zazzle.

  4. I loved fable… until I read the last few chapters. Then I felt like I was going to die. And that was last night. So now I am waiting for the fifth. If it doesn’t come out on amazon soon I am sure I will die. Long live Jared. Oh and pppplllleeeeeaaaasssseeee pretty please publishit soon because I hope to live long enough to go to high school next year.

  5. I loved all 3 books the end of the 3rd one made me tear up. It took me a while to not be so sad from the end of #3.Can’t wait for # 4!

  6. I LOVE these books. I’m re-reading them again. I can’t wait for the third book to come out!! I’m also on Team Jared. I just love him.

  7. This is my first time writing on an author’s page. I am IN LOVE with your books! When I read both books it was like I was there in the book. I think you are an amazing writer. One day I was looking for a free book and found this series and it is AMAZING! I really do think that this series could become a movie. Mina could go with any boy and I would be happy because I think that she goes perfect with both, Brody and Jared. I hope you have a wonderful time off with your family. I can’t wait for the third book.

  8. I have read both of the books and I cried a little after each because I had to know what was happening next! Such an amazing series and I cannot wait for the third!!!

  9. Okay Miss Chanda Hahn you are amazing! I will say that i just got both of your Un-enchanted books today and i finished them both today! It’s is currently 1:38 and i just finished book 2 I’m really excited for book 3! Thanks for being and amazing writer! <3


  10. I can’t believe how amazing this series is. Chanda has the ability to transport her readers into her book with her beautifully written words. I am in love with these books can’t wait for the third, your doing amazing and until I read you didn’t have an editor I never noticed 🙂

  11. A few days ago I’d never heard of UnEnchanted.. a few days ago I could sleep and was entirely fine with leaving my Kindle alone for days on end without so much as a sideways glance, that is until I happened on Amazon’s free books list and accidentally hit the one click buy on UnEnchanted.

    Two days later, and a lot of piled up untouched uni work, I’ve just finished *Fairest* and find myself sat on the sofa actually pouting because there isn’t a third book yet.

    All I can say is thank you.. the books are brilliant! I can’t wait until the third book comes out..

  12. In another post on this blog, Chanda said that the third book will be coming out sometime in the winter. Jan. of Feb. or sometime around then. I cannot wait 😀

  13. Oh My Gosh i finished the second book in four hours!! i need the third one they are amazing!!!!

  14. I love your books and when I was looking through some books to buy, your book covers really stood out to me (in a good way). I read unenchanted and loved it. When I was still reading unenchanted, I went ahead and bought fairest and the iron butterfly. Your books are in my top 5 book favs. (and that is saying something because I’m a book worm and have probably read enough books to fill up a house.)

  15. I love your books. I’m wondering when the 2 nd book to the iron butterfly is coming out, I know it’s in fall 2012 but I mean a specific date or month.

  16. Chanda Hahn, I love your books. You are an amazing writer! I love the way you describe each character with great detail. You let the reader get to know the characters as if they were your best friend. Thank you for doing that, some writers just leave out details and do a sloppy job, but you don’t, so thank you! Needless to say I cant wait for the third Unenchanted book!

  17. Um i read unenchanted and i was wondering what the second and third book called cause i’ve been reading a few comments and it looks like book tow isn’t out but book three is and i’m confused. the book was awesome (unenchanted).

  18. Your books make me so happy! I was really excited to find the Unenchanted 1 on Amazon and quickly bought the second one 🙂 They’re really unique. Thank you for putting something like this out there into a world that’s choking on Shades of Grey (ugh). Enjoy your summer with your family and say hello to the summer roses in Portland for me.

  19. Your books make me so happy! I was really excited to find the Unenchanted 1 on Amazon and quickly bought the second one 🙂 They’re really unique. Thank you for putting something like this out there into a world that’s choking on Shades of Grey (ugh). Enjoy your summer with your family and say hello to the summer roses in Portland for me.

  20. I can’t even begin to explain how much I appreciate you. This series has re-sparked my interest in reading ten fold. I am so happy over this. I can’t wait to read everything you write. You’re amazing. Thank you.

  21. I read the book in a day because I couldn’t simply put it down. I love the series and I cannot wait for book 3

  22. I read Unenchanted in 1 day and im about yo buy book 2…I can’t wait for book 3!!!! Awesome story minus the typos but overall awesome!!!! Love it…

  23. Omg started reading the book today!
    Usually I hate reading but this book caught me!
    I admit I cried cause Brody & Mina dont end together :’C
    You should make a book where they do! This should be a movie C:

  24. I downloaded UnEnchanted on my iphone one day because i needed a book for reading class.. and i LOVE IT!! I cannot put my phone away during class, because all i want to do is read it!! Cant wait for more!

  25. Totally Agree. LOL. An editor actually went through and fixed the book. Unfortunately my distributer has the book edits under pending for the last week and hasn’t sent it out to the retailers. All they tell me is that it can be pending for two weeks. Sigh.

  26. Really love the book I never stopped reading
    Now I can’t wait until the next book hope it comes out soon

  27. I’m on the verge of tears for mina:( please hurry on the next book I need to know who she ends up with and of Brody ever remembers how in love they were it reminds me of another fairy tale I can’t think of it tho but in book 1 there had been hints of savanna being the evil step sister does that mean that the nest book maybe cinderella???

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