Want it in Paperback?

I am pleased to say that in the next few weeks UnEnchanted and the Iron Butterfly will be available in Print format. YAY! So check back often or follow me on Twitter to find out their official paperback release dates on Amazon.

So I have been working with a fantastic graphic designer who is making the books look incredible. It is a different format process than ebooks and has taken much longer then I originally anticipated.

Also in the works is a new Web site. I’m currently Beta testing it right now, but there will be plenty of hidden components and fun things to entertain you on the site, like inspirational music for my books, interactive clues.

The challenge for you will be if you can find my hidden page on my new website, with a secret backdoor that will take you to my workroom. There you will find hints, clues and my drawing board about my current projects and one other hidden surprise.

 I will publish my new web site the same time the books are ready for print.