Writing advice

Each week I get an email, a tweet, or someone stopping me in public asking the same question, over and over. So I have decided to answer that question right here on my blog. So enjoy the answer to my most asked question.

Can you give me any writing advice?

1. Read, Read, and then read some more. 
If you love to read, then you have the potential to be a great writer or storyteller. I’ve never considered myself a great writer. In fact, I think I’m downright awful. But I consider myself a FANTASTIC STORYTELLER

2. Get a great editor. 
My mistake, one that I am continually paying for in my reviews, is not having a professional editor for any of my books. Hey, they cost money, which I don’t have. If I hired an editor, then I would have to charge more money for my books, and I want to keep my books at a reasonable price for my teen readers to afford.
Edited: I had beta readers and proofreaders go through the books, but not paid professionals.

3. You need a to have a phenomenal concept. 
Just because you wrote a book, doesn’t mean you will sell it and make money. In fact, it is quite the opposite. Most likely, it will sit on a digital shelf collecting cyber dust. But hey at least your wrote a book! Which is more than most people. I uploaded UnEnchanted just for fun, (without spell-checking) and it hit the charts within days. That is NOT the norm.
My favorite book series is The Iron Butterfly, because it’s written in first person and it’s epic fantasy. But it doesn’t sell. My least favorite book is UnEnchanted, because I struggle with third person and tenses, and I felt like I almost burnt myself out by writing it in 3 weeks, but that is everyone’s favorite. What can you do?

4. Don’t read your reviews!!!! 
I feel that reading bad reviews and ratings is almost like submitting yourself to cyber bullying. There are people who will rip your book to shreds, rip you as an author apart and tell you your horrible etc. It will make it hard to gain confidence in yourself or keep writing. Some days I lay in bed and go “What did I do? I’m a horrible author…so and so just said so!” And I will find it very difficult to continue writing, but then I remind myself of all the teens and adults who want to know what’s going to happen next and I get up and continue the story. Telling myself everyday, I can do it! I’m a storyteller. 
Just read your fan mail and the comments on your blog or website! It is way more ENCOURAGING!!!!

5. Yes, a cover does sell a book! 
Please, please don’t make the cover yourself. Try and find someone who loves to play in photoshop, or a graphic design student, who wants to add to his or her portfolio. Find something that looks great as a thumbnail, because be honest with yourself, you thumb through your phone looking at the pictures to decide if you are going to stop and read the blurb.

6. Don’t give up.
Not every book is meant to be a best seller. Not every story is meant to be a book. But every story should be written down and recorded. Find yourself a support group of other writers. I had the chance to stumble upon an awesome group of YA authors online. The Pacific Northwest Young adult Authors, who encourage me, help me promote, and answer all of my dumb author questions. Believe me, I have a lot.


  1. You MUST, MUST, MUST, MUST keep writing about Thalia and the Denai!! My favorite is The Iron Butterfly. I love it that its not about vampires or a young heroine who’s moping and crying waiting for someone to rescue her. I NEED to know the rest of the story and I hope it continues on for a couple more books. I’m an avid reader like everyone here and your stories certainly keep me enraptured until the very end wanting more. So, when is part 2 coming? 🙂

  2. What is the name of the other tale that is not mentioned in book one??? I really want to know!!! Love your books btw!!!

  3. I just finished The Iron Butterfly. I’m surprised that it isn’t the most popular of your books. I will be keeping a eye out for when more come out!

  4. Plz tell me when book three comes out,because I am not reading any other book before I read the third one and I don’t want to forget about it,because it was soooo good.So please pretty,please tell me!:)))))))(((((((((((((((())))))))

  5. I’ve read all three of your books and I’m hooked. I just finished reading THE IRON BUTTERFLY about ten minutes ago and experienced a sad frustration when I realized it will be a while before the sequel comes out. I agree that this one is my favorite as well. Keep up the writing and I look forward to more of your work!

  6. I honestly want a book that holds me captivated, that makes me feel what the character feels, and unenchanted did exactly that. You are an amazing writer, you have an amazing plot and characters, I wish you the best.

  7. I stumbled across unenchanted last night and went from being mildly intrigued by the prospect of the story to hooked. I looked up the seaquel Fairest and bought it as soon as I found it. Both books have consumed the last 24 hours, my only regret is that I read them so quick and now must wait for the next book. Anxiously waiting, but know it will be worth it.

  8. Wait… There’s already a book 2 for unenchanted?? Which one? I really want to know what happens next!

  9. I’m reading your book UN enchanted and just read this post. I agree with so much you have said here. First, you have a great story. But… The book could benefit from some editing. I am not saying that to be rude at all, this is a really good read. maybe a good beta reader could help solve the awkward tenses and sentences? And you are dead on about the covers, yours is really well done and a big part of why I picked it to read. You have a great story, a unique conceptand I can’t wait to finish this one and read the next.

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