Writing for the normal girl

I just sent an email to someone today….and low and behold. I actually said something smart and worth sharing. So I decided to copy and past a portion of it here for you to read as well. Hope the reader and mom don’t mind.

I try and write each of my book series from a different girls point of view. So I may have the unpopular, clumsy, invisible girl, become the hero in one series.

In another, it is a girl who was kidnapped and abused becomes the hero and saves the world, and in my unreleased series it is a girl from a broken family who is unwanted, finds a place where she belongs.

This way when I’m done, there will be a series for every girl, in every stage of life. Someone will be able to relate and overcome their own situation because they read about a girl just like her. It’s most important to me to tell the reader that they are not alone. That someone can write for them and understand them.

So tell your daughter (this goes for all of you aspiring writer’s out there too) when she writes and illustrates, that she doesn’t have to write what is popular, but to try and find a voice for a single girl or reader who desperately needs to hear her message. Whether that is a message of hope, strength, love, or that she is not alone in the world, then her books will mean something to herself and others, and that they can make a difference.

I pray that your daughter (and you writers out there) grows up to make a difference. One word at a time, one page at a time and one book at a time.


  1. You are such an inspiration Chanda, I hope that whoever you wrote this for takes that chance and makes a difference in this world. I think a good writer will write what they know, not what the world wants them to write. It becomes personal, and even if the world seems to hate it, there will be that one person that reads it, that needed to hear the message inside of it, and will forever be changed because of it.

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